Glorious Day Out

June 20th, 2017

Today my next door neighbor & friend, took me to Joss Bay, we had a great day, just chilling, chatting, laughing & getting burnt.  It is a beach I have never been too, & even though it was a school day the beach was pretty busy.  As there was about 7 couch loads of school children, having a school trip to the beach, I guess it is a trip because it is coming up to the end of the school year.  But it was okay as the children were very well behaved.

Joss bay castle, beautiful castle, & you can buy a 2 bed flat which is part of the beautiful building for around £356,000.

Joss bay lighthouse again another stunning building.

And Joss bay beach, very nice beach indeed.

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MIA Again

June 20th, 2017

It has been a tough year so far, my husband had a stroke & was in hospital for nearly 14 weeks.  Which was hard going for me, considering he was in a coma for nearly 7 weeks, I was out of the house for 16 hours a day travelling to sit with him every day.

Then on my birthday 18th April, my sister-in-law passed away, so it will be a birthday I will never forget.

So as I said, a brilliant start to the year, things are now getting back to normal, so hopefully I won’t go MIA again for a while, although I am battling with my depression, while trying to keep it together, because my son & my husband, as they need me to be strong for them, especially my husband, as I am now his career.  But I love him, so I won’t complain about it, because he has been caring for me for over 22 years now.  I love him & worship the ground he walks on.


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Sorry I have been MIA

April 16th, 2017

Sorry I haven’t been around for a few days, but I have been spending some time with my dear husband, as he only came home Monday.

And I am now trying my hand at making my own rubber stamps, using my Stampmaker kit by Teresa Collins Will let you know how it turns out, once it is made.  My first stamp will be one with my details on it, to use on the back of my cards I make.

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Good Morning

April 11th, 2017

A very good morning to one & all.

I am so glad my darling husband is home, since he was away I hardly slept, but last night, I slept for nearly 11 hours, yes 11 hours, I can’t believe I slept that long, I feel so much better this morning for it.

I have a few household chores to do, & then watching catch up TV, & make some cards, while spending some quality time with my darling husband, it is amazing to have hime home.

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Oh so happy Monday

April 10th, 2017

Yes it is indeed a happy Monday for me, because my darling husband after 14 weeks in hospital, is now back home with me, I am over joyed & so glad to have him back with me, because it has been far too long for us to be apart.

We are having minced beef stew & dumplings for dinner tonight, it is smelling so nice.

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Butterfly Card

April 9th, 2017

Click on the image to view full size, image will open in a new tab/window.

A combination of stamping, colouring (water colour) & embellishments, make this welcome home card for my husband, who is returning home to me tomorrow after a 14 week stay in hospital, it is a butterfly inspired card, as butterflies symbolic new birth, so to me in symbolizes a new start, which is what we will have when he comes home to me.

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Heart Sparkle Card

April 9th, 2017

Click on the image to see full size, image will open in a new tab/window.

A simple card made up from stamping, embossing folders, & gems.  left this one without colour, except the stamping of the heart, this card would make a lovely anniversary card or a simple wedding invitation, making it a versatile creation.

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Hello Card

April 9th, 2017

Click on the card image to see full size, image will open in a new tab/window.

Since I knew my husband is coming home to me, my card making Mojo has come home to me too.  This hello card is for a penpal of mine, who sadly I have neglected since my husband has spent nearly 14 weeks in hospital.  There is nearly 100 gems & rhinestuds on this card, each places on one at a time by me, it took a while, but I do think the final result turned out pretty good, the combination of stamping, embossing folders, colouring & gems, make for a pretty good card.

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Just 1 day to go …

April 9th, 2017

Yes, I am happy to say, that by this time tomorrow, my darling husband will be back home with me, after nearly 14 weeks in hospital, due to a large bleed on the brain, starting a new year in the worst possible way, I have spent almost every day by his side, talking to him while he was in a coma for almost 6 weeks, that doesn’t mean that when he came out of the coma that I stopped talking to him lol, I wouldn’t do such a thing.

But tomorrow he returns home to us, & we can’t wait.  I love him to pieces.

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Hello world!

April 8th, 2017

I have been MIA, & I am so sorry about that, but my husband was taken seriously ill on New Years Day, so I have had a lot on my mind to deal with, but I am back now & will be posting regularly from now on, especially as I have a lovely craft area now, so crafting will be a big part of my life again.  Plus my husband will be returning home to me on Monday, I am so happy that he is coming home to me, 13 weeks is a long time to be apart from each other.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, however they don’t tell you how much it hurts too.

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